When I started 30 years ago in the world of taxes, and especially in the world of international taxation, I felt that I was entering an aggressive, competitive and male-dominated environment. As for the inclusion of professional women, it was certainly an area of difficult access for those of us who aspired to really belong to it and make a valuable and perhaps even lasting contribution. However, over time, many women have managed to enter, and some have left their mark. Here begins my story.

I have a degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid, where I also completed a PhD in Tax Law. As a specialist in tax law, I later realized that I needed to increase my knowledge about the economic aspects of taxation, so I obtained the Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management at the EAE Business School. After starting my career as a university lecture and had obtained my tenured position, I assumed a series of positions as a tax advisor in both the public and private sectors, first in the Ministry of Finance, then in the Supreme Court, in a large multinational company and finally again in the Supreme Court. The depth and breadth of this varied professional experience raised my professional profile to the point that I was appointed rapporteur and panelist at the UN and the OECD, later trusted tax advisor to the UN for the resolution of conflicts and natural resources in developing countries and, more recently, to be part of the roster of the International Monetary Fund.

I put at your service all this experience in my MasterClasses and, if you need something more personalized, my tax consultancies.

Susana Bokobo